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Treatment Programs

best pills for sleeping GROUP THERAPY
Group Therapy is just as it sounds, a group of people like you working toward a common goal—getting better. You will share experiences and come to understand that you are not alone, there are other people in your situation. And you can use the support and strength of others to help you overcome your addictive behavior.

ambien to relax INDIVIDUAL THERAPY
Individual Therapy is very specialized one-on-one therapy. This is where you work intensively to understand what motivates and triggers your self-destructive behavior.

ambience mall gurgaon stores FAMILY THERAPY
Family Therapy is very effective in cases when the negative behavior is learned from or triggered by family. Dysfunctional families create dysfunctional individuals, and an individual cannot act rationally in an irrational environment. The entire family needs to learn to act in harmony and to help each other.

medication for sleep disorders chart GENDER SPECIFIC THERAPY
We have Gender Specific Therapy available to clients who feel more comfortable dealing with same sex therapists.

lorazepam 5 mg side effects PET FRIENDLY THERAPY
We love pets too! We understand that you do not want to be without your special friend, and that you’ll be much more comfortable with the moral support they provide. We welcome most any pet; cats, dogs, even horses!

most popular sleeping pillows LGBT THERAPY
We have specialized therapy encompassing the special considerations of the LGBT community.

is lorazepam a prescription drug SUBOXONE THERAPY
Suboxone Therapy for opoid dependence is available under a Doctor’s supervision.

sleep aids for elderly with dementia VIVITROL THERAPY
Vivitrol Therapy for opoid dependence is available under a Doctor’s supervision.

price of zolpidem 5 mg EXERCISE & NUTRITION THERAPY
Exercise & Nutrition Therapy has been highly successful since the drugs and alcohol deplete the body of the nutrition it needs to function without the cravings resulting from undernourishment. Exercise goes hand-in-hand with nutrition to help built your self-esteem and to produce the brain chemicals that make you feel good.

ativan and valium interaction ADOLESCENT THERAPY
Adolescents need a therapy in a non-adult environment. They have different issues which need to be addressed at an age appropriate level.

Executive Therapy is for busy executives that demand a therapeutic environment suitable to their position in life.

Christian Oriented Therapy realizes that the only way to get the help you need is through the love of Christ and Christian teachings.

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