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With the principle of individual differences as the foundation of our programs, we maintain a very personal approach to your healing, customizing each treatment plan to suit your unique personal goals. We acknowledge the fact that a single plan applied to one may not necessarily work out with the same impact to another. With this, we offer a systematized, efficient, and flexible treatment program that respond to your individual demands.

The following is the rough scalar organization of the our treatment process:

  • Patient Identification
  • Evaluation and Assessment of Patient’s current Addiction Stage
  • Identification of Patient’s Personal plans and goals for healing
  • Creation of a Customized Treatment Plan
  • On-Patient Admission
  • Implementation of the Treatment Program
  • Monitoring
  • Continuum of Treatment
  • Adjustments if needed

We cater a diverse network of patients within and outside the Golden State. Most of them are men, teenagers, women, business executives, and individuals who found their way towards a better living after admission and receiving treatment from Blue Lagoon California Pet Friendly Drug Rehab. At the center, patients are engaged in small group interactions, providing an avenue by which they are exposed in a social context of reality. In these sessions and during individual interventions, patients work with various kinds of people – psychologists, therapists, physicians, and specialists, each having their own contribution to the person’s personal and coordinated struggle forward.

Blue Lagoon California Pet Friendly Drug Rehab fuses medical intervention with compassion and gentle interpersonal relations. Being part of our medical intervention solution is the Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment (Vicodin, Soma, Oxycodone, OxyContin, Xanax, Valium, and others) aiding with the psychological support we give.

Whether you are suffering from cocaine addiction or drug dependence, we will be prepared to assist you in whatever situation you are currently in. At Blue Lagoon California Pet Friendly Drug Rehab, we provide the type of treatment that is not forceful, instead, encourages you to do well-guided decisions in your personal feat with the help of:

  • In-Patient residential treatment
  • Therapy sessions in small groups and individually
  • Sobriety Expert Staff, Trained and Experienced
  • Advanced withdrawal treatments
  • Well-managed, clean and comfortable beach front setting
  • Medication Reinforced Treatment
  • Nutritional Consultations
  • Continuous Assessment of Needs

Your success is our success. And we don’t just accept defeat by taking you for granted or giving mediocre service. At Blue Lagoon California Pet Friendly Drug Rehab, you become our focus. Contact us today!

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